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Sunday, December 18, 2005

If I had infinite hours in the day: Hurricanes and Atlantic water temperature. The Economist writes about Rich Lyons's studies of order flow and currency movements. Jane Galt on Nazi economic ideology. Frank Rich on Bob Woodward--and on how Woodward's first priority is not to inform his readers but to make his sources look good.,,2089-1903373,00.html Condi Rice is "offensive"... Joan Didion on Bob Woodward... The Duck of Minerva on Bush's "Victory Strategy." RJ Rummel has retabulated the totals for democide for The People's Republic of China under "The Geat Helmsman" Mao Zedong: 77,000,000 dead. Chad Orzel fears that George R.R. Martin is turning into Robert Jordan. Scott Adams pities the poor "third highest ranking al-Qaida leader"... Hilzoy on "extraordinary erroneous rendition." Meanwhile, in tinfoil helmet territory... Torture: a short user's guide.


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