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Sunday, December 18, 2005

If I had infinite hours in the day: Another person who has my view of Comcast Internet: "To add insult to injury, after I waited through the inane advertisement, they tell me that the department is closed on the weekend and I need to call back during the week. I did. When I went through the entire process a second time and finally was able to talk to a human I was extremely happy to say the words 'I would like to cancel my internet service.'..." Kieran Healy backs up: "I've also signed up for a basic account with, part of Dean Allen et al's Textdrive outfit. With the assistance of a helpful tutorial from MagpieBrain... I now have secure, automated, passwordless, incremental, daily remote backups of the important stuff on my Mac. Strongspace starts at eight bucks a month for just over 4GB of space (and unlimited bandwidth). I recommend it...! reminds us: Christmas is a sacred, religious time.... Every year Santa and his heraldic winged reindeer emerge from their manufacturing facilities in the frozen north to sell overpriced gadgets, processed snack foods, and proprietary game software... for Santa so loves the world that he exploits his overseas workforce, that whosoever would purchase his products would not pay exorbitant fees, but save on a fine selection of high quality goods every day... The training of Iraqi security forces has suffered a big "setback" in the last six months, with the army and other forces being increasingly used to settle scores and make other political gains, Iraqi Vice President Ghazi al-Yawer said Monday. Al-Yawer disputed contentions by U.S. officials, including President Bush, that the training of security forces was gathering speed, resulting in more professional troops... Over at Angry Bear, and well worth reading. Multiplication Problems: One of the many tasks I need to complete... is to develop a lab for our junior-level lab course.... The key question in all of this is what is the appropriate time multiplier. There are time multipliers all over the place in academia, to account for the difference between trained academics and college students. The most common multiplier is the exam multiplier, which is widely known to be a factor of three... It's a dirty job. Let's thank Daniel Gross for doing it--reading the clown show that is the Wall Street Journal editorial page, that is... Janet Yellen says more interest-rate hikes to come... It's low-hanging fruit day. I mean, who really wants to follow the "You take back what you said about Uncle Irving" thread at The Corner? It's like Long Day's Journey Into Night as performed by the Willowbrook 1972 Dramatic Society... Ross Douthat continues to trash himself... This [New York Times] article about my beloved Dorsoduro sestiere in Venice depresses me... superficial and full of elementary errors.... The photos in the attached slide show are good, but I have better.... Worst of all is the thought, of course, that I could have done better, even now, even at this distance in time and space, without half trying... Daniel Gross: STOP THE PRESSES! An intelligent, decently-reasoned article found its way onto the Wall Street Journal op-ed page this morning: John Goodman of the National Center for Policy Analysis argues for scrapping the Medicare prescription drug plan... REGISTER of the names of those who personally appeared, as required under the Test Act, at the Quarter Sessions for co. Denbigh from 15 July 1673 to 15 Jan. 1688/9, to deliver certificates of receiving the Sacrament according to the usage of the Church of England, to take the Oaths of Allegiance and Supremacy, and to make a declaration against Transubstantiation. (Roll; parts destroyed by vermin)...


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