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Monday, December 19, 2005

Representative Murtha, via Froomkin, via Anderson:

Thus Blogged Anderson: No respect: Dan Froomkin gives us this great growl from newly-famous Rep. Murtha:

Murtha took questions:

QUESTION: Mr. Murtha, what do you say to Senator Lieberman whom yesterday said Democrats need to acknowledge that this president is commander in chief for three more years, that undermining his credibility....

MURTHA: Undermining his credibility? What has [Bush] said that would give him credibility? He said there was Al Qaida connection. He said there was a connection with nuclear weapons. He said there's biological, chemical weapons there. He said there's progress now. I'm showing you that I don't see the kind of progress he sees...

Impeach George W. Bush. Impeach Richard Cheney. Do it now.


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