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Friday, December 16, 2005

Unqualified Offerings spots Condi Rice both visiting and not-visiting Mosul:

Unqualified Offerings: First sentence of the NYT report on Condoleezza Rice's travels:

MOSUL, Iraq The U.S. secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, made a surprise stop Friday in this violent, Sunni-dominated city in northern Iraq, declaring that it had recently become a success story for the strategy of using Iraqi forces to quell the insurgency.

Ninth sentence, same article:

A month ago, four State Department security officers were killed in Mosul by a roadside bomb, and the city, Iraq's third largest, was not deemed safe enough for her to visit.

How can we send the Secretary of State to Mosul and not send her to Mosul at the same time? By using our advanced super-science. Also, "Mosul" in the first sentence really means Camp Courage, "a heavily fortified military base north of the Tigris River, surrounding an old palace of Saddam Hussein's on the city's northern outskirts," and not Mosul, a "violent, Sunni-dominated city in northern Iraq" at all. But close enough for government (public relations) work!

And close enough for the New York Times as well.


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