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Monday, June 05, 2006

Francisco Franco Is Still Dead...

Martin Peretz of the New Republic praises Francisco Franco!

The Plank: How ignorant that [Spanish] judge is of his country's bloody history, which could actually have been worse had the communists won [against Franco and his fascists]...

And Martin Peretz praises the prison of Guantanamo Bay, which is actually a much better thing than that bulwark of resistance to world communism that was Franco's Fascist Spain!

I know that some of my readers will agree with the observation the other day of a judge in Spain that Guantánamo is to be equated to 40 years of Spanish Fascism...

Or maybe he doesn't praise Francisco Franco after all? Maybe he doesn't praise Guantanamo either? It's all confusing!

[T]he observation... that Guantánamo is to be equated to... Spanish Fascism... means that George Bush can be equated with Generalissimo Franco. These may be tempting analogies for hysterics. But they are, by the same token, insane.

Few people can reach such heights of incoherent confusion in four sentences.

Jonathan Chait, John Judis, Noam Scheiber, Franklin Foer, Peter Beinart, and company, you've set up shop in a really bad neighborhood. Think of either cleaning it up or moving out. Think hard.

At the very least, stop Martin Peretz before he blogs again. Your reputation depends on it.


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