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Friday, August 04, 2006

Lieberman Astroturf Edition!

Joe Lieberman cannot find any supporters to heckle Ned Lamont in Connecticut. So he has taken to airlifting lobbyists in from Washington DC:

CT-SEN: Richard Goodstein: "Email Me The Last Good Story You Wrote About Joe Lieberman" | TPMCafe: By Greg Sargent: D.C. lobbyist Richard Goodstein... confirmed that he is indeed the guy on the front-page of today's Record-Journal who appeared to be heckling Lamont in a diner.... [O]ne of the stories of the day in Connecticut is how supporters of Joe Lieberman ambushed Ned Lamont in a Connecticut diner.... Richard Goodstein shouted at Lamont: "Are you a Bill Clinton Democrat, or an Al Sharpton Democrat?"...

Election Central just reached out to the office of registered-D.C.-lobbyist Richard Goodstein, got his cell number, and reached him. When I asked him if he was a Lieberman supporter and was the man in the pic on the front of the Herald-Record, he confirmed that, yes, he was a Lieberman backer and that he was the same man as pictured on the paper's front page. Then the conversation went south. When I asked him if I could confirm that he'd said what the paper said he had, Goodstein asked me why I wanted to do that and whether I worked for the paper. I said I didn't and noted that I wanted to get confirmation of his quotes straight from him. After a hurried back-and-forth, Goodstein said: "Do me a favor: Email me the last good story you wrote about Joe Lieberman." When I asked why that was relevant, Goodstein said: "Bye. Bye." End of conversation.

Well, at least now we know for certain who the mystery man in the diner was, and that he's the same Richard Goodstein as the D.C. lobbyist Richard Goodstein. But I didn't get to ask him about the nature of the Lieberman supporters' surprise of Lamont or about the nature of Goodstein's relationship to the campaign. I've got a call into the Lieberman campaign about this. Hopefully we'll have more soon.

Pathetic. And funny.


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