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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Reading Around: 20060816

Worth reading: Daniel Davies and others reflect on his previous "not this war now" position on Iraq; Tom Friedman is shtrill; George Bush demonstrates his total ignorance of geography; the very strange John Lott further embarrasses himself; and a Republican calls an America of Indian descent a "macaque."

  1. Crooked Timber » » Anti Which War When?

    Anti Which War When? Posted by Daniel: Marc Mulholland makes a very good point and one that has to be frank left me stumped. Regarding the “Anti (this) War (now)” position, which I had hitherto believed was my own view on the Iraq War, the question i...

  2. Crooked Timber » » Anti Which War When?

    19—it is important to see why the war was the only one on offer, however. Why was Rumsfeld so enamored of the “lean” troop idea? I think this connects to the general politics of war in America. War that requires mass mobilization—such as the Vi...

  3. Roger That § Unqualified Offerings

    Roger That: Crooked Timber commenter Roger has a ne’er so well express’d moment as part of the discussion of Daniel Davies’ reconsideration of his “Anti-This War Now” position regarding Iraq. (He’s edging closer to Jim Henley’s Anti-Most W

  4. Economist's View: "We Are On a Losing Trajectory in Iraq"

    "We Are On a Losing Trajectory in Iraq" Thomas Friedman has some questions for Dick Cheney: Big Talk, Little Will. by Thomas L. Friedman, Commentary, NY Times: The defeat of Senator Joe Lieberman by the upstart antiwar Democrat Ned Lamont has sparke...


    (Via Juan Cole) Link: QUESTION: How can the international force, or the United States if necessary, prevent Iran from resupplying Hezbollah? BUSH: The first step is -- and part of the mand...

  6. The Shootout | Articles | Chicago magazine

    The Shootout A former U. of C. colleague has sued Steven D. Levitt, coauthor of Freakonomics, for defamation in a case growing out of research on gun-control laws. by James L. Meriner. Levitt (above) is being sued by Lo

  7. Of Monkeys and Senators | TPMCafe

    Of Monkeys and Senators: By Matthew Yglesias | bio: For the record yes, obviously George Allen was trying to use a racial slur against S.R. Sidarth. The reason you might not think it was a slur is that the slur in question was terribly obscure. It's obscu...


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