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Monday, August 28, 2006

The State of Working America 2006-07

Probably the most useful single volume about the state of the American economy you can have on your bookshelf:

New From EPI -- The State of Working America 2006-07: On Labor Day 2006, the Economic Policy Institute releases its advance edition of The State of Working America 2006/2007. Prepared biennially since 1988, EPI's flagship publication sums up the problems and challenges facing American working families, presenting a wide variety of data on family incomes, taxes, wages, unemployment, wealth, and poverty — data that enables the book's authors to closely examine the impact of the economy on the living standards of the American people. The State of Working America 2006/2007 is an exhaustive reference work that will be welcomed by anyone eager for a comprehensive portrait of the economic well-being of the nation.


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