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Friday, September 01, 2006

Franklin Foer Apologizes...

He writes:

The New Republic: An Apology to Our Readers

After an investigation, The New Republic has determined that the comments in our Talkback section defending Lee Siegel's articles and blog under the username "sprezzatura" were produced with Siegel's participation. We deeply regret misleading our readers. Lee Siegel's blog will no longer be published by TNR, and he has been suspended from writing for the magazine.

He is not apologizing for some of the things he should be apologizing for.

He really ought to be apologizing for things like--well, look at We-Love-Ann-Coulter Weekly's description of this:

The New Republic: Uma and me. By: Siegel, Lee: 3/15/1999: Deliberates on the reality of love and sex through interpolating with the fact that the author never felt sexually attracted to a beautiful woman like Uma Thurman, an actress. Experience while he worked as her tutor; Information that she began to flirt with him but he himself could not feel aroused; Discussion on the disinterest in love of the protagonist of Molière's theatrical production "The Misanthrope"; Inability of the author to get sexually aroused while seeing Uma's performance in "The Misanthrope."


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