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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Why Oh Why Can't We Have Normal Republican Politicians?

Wonkette says what she thinks about Senator George Allen:

George Allen's Poor, Over-Worked Flacks Convince Him to Stop Denying the Jew Thing - Wonkette: That’s basically what we get out of today’s Post story on Allen’s belated embracing of his heritage.... [Y]ears after he was first asked and a month after the Internet learned about it, George Allen is willing to admit this much: His maternal grandfather was Jewish. This would be the one who was in a Concentration Camp for reasons that Senator Macaca, well, lied about (but it was a totally Spock kinda lie — Grampa Lumbroso was almost certainly an “Allied sympathizer,” as the Allies were the ones who didn’t want to gas him).... A couple more thoughts, and an excerpt from sister Jennifer Allen’s hilarious book....

The Post:

He insisted, through a press secretary, that his mother was raised a Christian.

We don’t know if that’s true (she does appear to have gone to Catholic school, but Etty Lumbroso Allen was married by a justice of the peace at a “Jewish friend’s house,” because, for some reason, a Catholic ceremony wouldn’t work for her). Jennifer Allen’s memoir does have this anecdote, though:

I’d only been to church once. Throughout the service, Mom gave a continual play-by-play.

The procession of the priest: "Here comes the hypocrite."
The collection plate: "Here come the vultures."
The forgiveness of sins: "Here comes the guilt."

We kinda like Etty Allen.


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