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Monday, November 06, 2006


Remember the days when Andrew Sullivan wrote things like: "Paul Krugman... insufferably pompous, shrill, Bush-bashing pseudo-populist..."?

Sure you do.

Here's today's quote from Andrew Sullivan: "What's at stake [in Tuesday's election] is saving the US from the incompetent, reckless fanatics now in control."

Googling for "paul krugman shrill": 71,200
Googling for "andrew sullivan shrill": 155,000

Give it up, Paul. You cannot compete.

Aaaaiiiiii!!!! Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Andrew Sullivan R'lyeh wagn'nagl fhtagn! Aaaaiiiiii!!!!

What's at stake is saving the US from the incompetent, reckless fanatics now in control - Sunday Times - Times Online: It is difficult to look into the future when you are going through what America is going through. All I can say about the atmosphere in the United States right now is that it feels as if the country is about to vomit. The nausea is there; the vote is imminent; and the purge necessary. And yet it hasn't happened yet. Americans are still staring at the porcelain. And those who desperately want a change -- as I do -- have to wait....

But this election is not a presidential one. That race is still a long way off. What's really on the ballot is the Iraq war and the Bush administration's conduct of it. The result on Tuesday could therefore change a huge amount -- or not much at all.

The awful truth is: whoever wins will be unable to alter the fundamental dynamic in Iraq. The project for a peaceful, democratic future in that country is dead. On Friday two core neoconservatives, Richard Perle and Ken Adelman, acted as coroners....

So what happens? We found out last week what the options are. One of the most astonishing things came out of the mouth of an American president in my lifetime. He declared that Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney had both done "fantastic jobs", and that both would stay in office till his last day in 2009. No, I'm not making that up. The man responsible for what has happened in Iraq has, in Bush's view, done a "fantastic job". That's how deep the denial goes. But then Bush also said that the man tasked with responding to Hurricane Katrina had done a "heckuva job".

If the Republicans somehow manage to defy expectations and retain control of House and Senate, this dangerous denial will be empowered and enhanced. Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld will be all the more convinced that they are right and all the more determined to pursue their manic dream of remaking the world. They will be like Nixon, the last to realise that their own fantasy has ended -- but, unlike Nixon, with a Congress of their own party they will be able to drag the entire country with them. If that happens, the centre in America will not hold. And we will be facing severe strife within America itself -- as well as a potential disaster in the Middle East...


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