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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Macaque Says: George Allen Should Be Ambassador to India!

Macaque says: George Allen should be ambassador to India!

Especially in light of this:

3quarksdaily: Court to review nuisance monkeys: From BBC News:

India's Supreme Court is to review the fate of 300 monkeys captured roaming on the streets of the capital, Delhi. The court had ordered that the monkeys be relocated to forests in central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. But the animals are proving unpopular there and locals there have lodged an official objection to the plan. Thousands of monkeys roam Delhi, mostly around government offices, and are considered a public nuisance. For years the wild animals have caused havoc, riding on the city's metro trains, roaming through parliament.

They have invaded the prime minister's office and the Defence Ministry, helping themselves to top secret military files. They cannot be killed because many Indians see them as sacred. Instead they have been captured, their fate decided by a bench of Supreme Court judges headed by India's Chief Justice.


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