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Saturday, August 05, 2006

As the LA Times Waters the Astroturf...

Ellen Barry of the Los Angeles Times writes:

Lieberman's Rival Lamont Widens Lead in Latest Poll - Los Angeles Times: Lamont also met Richard Goodstein, a friend and supporter of Lieberman's who had waited in the diner for the chance to confront him. As Lamont greeted supporters, Goodstein loudly accused him of unfairly smearing Lieberman.

"I take this all very personally -- A, because of my affection for Lieberman; and B, because of my commitment to the prospects of Democrats nationally," said Goodstein, 57, a lawyer.

"I think Ned Lamont has the potential to do grievous harm to the Democrats."

She does not tell us that Richard Goostein is a Washington-based lobbyist for DCI...


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