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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Impeach Alberto Gonzalez. Impeach George W. Bush

Do it now:

ThinkProgress: Attorney General Gonzales defended U.S. actions that led to a Canadian citizen being falsely imprisoned, rendered to Syria, and tortured. "Well, we were not responsible for his removal to Syria," Gonzales said. "I'm not aware that he was tortured."... [A] Justice Dept. official later "backed away" from Gonzales's remarks.

And here it is. The Justice Department now claims that when Gonzales said "we," he meant not "the Bush administration" but "the Justice Department"--and says that Gonzales was wrong:

On Wednesday, a Justice Department spokesman said Mr. Gonzales had intended to make only a narrow point: that deportations are now handled by the Department of Homeland Security, not the Department of Justice. The spokesman, Charles Miller, said the attorney general forgot that at the time of Mr. Arar’s deportation, such matters were still handled by the Immigration and Naturalization Service, which was part of the Department of Justice. “He had his timeline mixed up,” Mr. Miller said. Asked why Mr. Gonzales appeared to cast doubt on the Canadian finding that Mr. Arar had been tortured, Mr. Miller said, “I wouldn’t go beyond what he said.”...


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