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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Are You *Sure* I Belong in This Demographic?

This is definitely not my great-uncles' Financial Times.

Today's weekend FT comes with a large glossy 11" x 14" magazine-like object: Financial Times Christmas Unwrapped: How to Spend It Special Christmas Edition, containing prose like:

Chartering a jet for shopping in Paris or Milan or even New York is not as extravagant as you think, says Avril Groom: As recently as the turn of the millennium, the idea of taking a private plane to go shopping seemed nothing more than an outrageous indulgence of the super-rich.... Now such a trip would barely raise an eyebrow among the well-heeled and busy....


A long weekend in New York on Skyjet's Challenger, which takes 12 passengers, is about £7,000 per head which, given savings on shopping in the United States, the weak dollar, and the approximately £4,000 cost of a scheduled first-class flight, starts to look feasible to a big spender...

I often say that to understand the ads in the New York Times magazine you have to understand that they are aimed not at the average reader but at the average free cash consumption dollar of readers. But this is much more so:

Financial Times - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: How To Spend It magazine is a monthly magazine that usually gets published with the Financial Times Weekend Edition. The glossy large magazine has won the hearts of many Weekend Edition subscribers, with its high detail on the latest in the glitz and glamour of the high-life. Its articles mostly concern high quality products: yachts, mansions, apartments, designs, horlogerie, haute couture, automobiles, fashion advice and columns by important indivduals in the arts in gardening, food, the hotel business, and travel industries. It regularly themes its issues, such as "Travelling Unravelled", "A Passion for Fashion", "Superior Interiors", and its annual "Christmas Unwrapped". How To Spend It has won numerous prizes for being the best newspaper supplement of the year...


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