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Monday, November 06, 2006

Nominations for the Stupidest Men Alive Contest Are Now Open

Stupidest Men Alive. Today's nominations:

From a correspondent who wishes to be known as, we have the nomination of disgraced evangelist Ted Haggard:

Wasisandistocome nominates Ted Haggard for his failure to take good advice on how to pray:

Jesus Christ had some advice about how to pray:

Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner...

Ted Haggard did not take that advice:

From Ted Haggard's sermon last week: Four days before accusations of his gay affair became public:

Heavenly Father, give us grace and mercy. Help us this next week and a half as we go into national elections and, Lord, we pray for our country. Father, we pray lies would be exposed and deception exposed. Father we pray that wisdom would come upon our electorate...

From a correspondent who wishes to be known as, we have the nomination of David Irving-defender and military historian John Keegan.

Cluelessingaza asks:

Shouldn't John Keegan learn the difference between Hezbollah and Hamas before he holds himself out as an expert on the Middle East?

Another Middle East War Is on the Horizon: BY JOHN KEEGAN - The Daily Telegraph: There will soon be another war in the Middle East, this time a renewal of the conflict between the Israel Defense Force and Hezbollah. The conflict is inevitable and unavoidable. It will come about because Israel cannot tolerate the rebuilding of Hezbollah's fortified zone in South Lebanon, from which last year it launched its missile bombardment of northern Israel.

Hezbollah has now reconstructed the fortified zone and is replenishing its stocks of missiles there. It is also creating a fortified zone in the Gaza Strip and building up its stocks of missiles there...


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