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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Stupidest Men Alive Nominations: Josh Bolten

Stupidest Men Alive nominations. Ezra Klein submits the name of Josh Bolten:

TAPPED: THE ROVE MYTH. Remember Josh Bolten's prediction for the election?

"I believe Karl Rove," Bolten said in an interview in his West Wing office Friday. "Karl Rove, somewhere inside that massive brain of his, has figured out the political landscape more clearly than the entire collection of conventional-wisdom pundits and pollsters in the entire city of Washington."

If nothing else, this election will destroy the myth of Rove. He managed to lose the vote in 2000. Win a few seats in 2002. Barely pull out a reelection during a time of instability and war. And then lead his party to historic losses in 2006.

Enough of this guy. He could've created an enduring majority after 9/11. Instead, he pursued a strategy of polarization and radicalization, tenuously constructed atop a foundation of corporate handouts (Medicare Part D), perverse policy, and fear mongering. Along the way, he destroyed the country's fiscal health and international prestige.

Discrediting his leadership template will be one of this election's sweetest effects.

He had a lot of help--from the mendacious, disconnected-from-reality, malevolent, and incompetent George W. Bush and the rest of his administration, and from all the Republicans and elite press members who pretended to take their fantasies seriously.

Nevertheless, Bolten's prediction is remarkable.


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