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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Delancy Street Restaurant

Election night parties make me proud to be a Democrat: lots of idealistic people who care deeply about making America a better place. San Francisco values: patriotism, tolerance, prosperity, seafood, and lots of laughter. But even though there was lots of guacamole and meatballs, there was no shrimp at the Dianne Feinstein-Jerry Brown-Bill Lockyer-Debra Bowen victory party at the Delancy Street restaurant.

Nevertheless I felt starved: starved of information. The only information that leaked into the room came from people on the fringes, on their cellphones, who would come in and shout random pieces of information or misinformation over the Glide Memorial Church choir's version of "America the Beautiful."

Eventually I went outside and eavesdropped as what's-his-name from the Washington Monthly said that it looked like Webb was pulling out a victory in Virginia...

And now that I am home I can jack back into the net, and see... Ah. 236 seats in the House. The Senate still up in the air...


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