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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Democratic Heroes: Harold Ford and Ned Lamont

Thank you, Harold Ford, for running an excellent campaign in Tennessee. You would have won if only half a generation more had passed.

And thank you, Ned Lamont. Steve Gilliard explains why:

THE NEWS BLOG: I know it's hard for people to see the benefit in Lieberman returning to the Senate, but there was one.

Mike Bloomberg led Republicans in sending the Lieberman campaign $20m dollars. The WH opened their wallets to Joe and he took their money.

One problem, Jim Talent needed it more. So did George Allen, Michael Steele and Conrad Burns. Every dime the GOP sent to Lieberman went to reelect a man who votes with the Dems most of the time, while denying the most loyal Republicans needed funds.

We probably hold the Senate today because the GOP felt the need to lavishly support Lieberman. Money is finite. Every dime taken up by Lieberman was unavailable to other Republicans in tight races.


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